Campus Ministry

Our faith community has its foundation in theology and our classrooms, prayer and spirituality, liturgy and sacraments and service as a way of life. Campus Ministry’s goal follows the philosophy of O’Gorman High School in implementing the statement of the US Catholic Bishops on education: to teach as Jesus did. The threefold purpose is to know the message of hope revealed by God, to experience fellowship in community based on the message, and to celebrate the message through worship and service. 

Discussion Groups

Guys Group

This group is led by Brian Stai, Campus Minister at OGHS. It is a weekly discussion group that seeks to discover how young men are called to act on and respond to our call to be men of God. Through prayer and discussion, we will delve into topics ranging from “How to execute a proper handshake.” to “How can I be the man God calls me to be?” Meetings are every Thursday morning at 7 AM and are open to young men grades 9-12.

Embracing the Nature and Dignity of Women (ENDOW)

This group is led by Trish Irvine, theology teacher at OGHS. It is a weekly discussion group that focuses on promoting the feminine genius as defined by Pope John Paul II. This serves as an opportunity for young women to understand their own dignity, to grow in their relationships with God, and to support one another on the journey. Meetings are Thursday mornings at 7 AM and are open to young women grades 9-12.

Catholic Culture

This group meets on Mondays during periods 4B and 5D following the rosaries in 4A and 5C. Students are encouraged to grab some lunch and bring it down to the Campus Ministry office to discuss topics pertinent to the culture of our faith. All students are welcome!

Students for Life

This group encourages students to lead, defend, witness and respect life at all stages.  Through the year Students For Life will witness to life outside Planned Parenthood, Spiritually Adopt unborn children, raise money for programs that defend life, and learn from speakers with varying pro-life messages.