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Summer School/Driver's Education

Summer School will run from June 3 – June 28. Classes meet from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

All policies from the student handbook are in effect throughout this session. Dress code is casual for summer school. Guidelines for casual dress days from the student handbook apply. Regular attendance is important for summer school because each class session equals one week of class during a regular semester. Students are not allowed to miss more than two days of summer school.  If students miss more than two days, they will be removed from class.

Lockers will not be available for summer school, so students are responsible for their own personal belongings. The O’Gorman High School grading scale, as seen in the student handbook, will be used.

Driver's Education

Driver's Education is conducted in two phases. Upon successful completion of the classroom and behind-the-wheel phases at an 80% rate of accuracy, the South Dakota state written and driving tests will be waived. *Both the classroom and driving portion of Driver's Education class are graded using a pass/fail method of evaluation. Passing both parts of the course leads to 1/2 credit. Students who do not pass will be given a certificate of completion.

Parents/guardians are asked to list any known conflicts their family may have for driving times. Driver's Education involves scheduling over 140 students into three-hour-time blocks for driving. Once students are scheduled into their driving slots, rescheduling is not an option. Students will not be scheduled to drive during days that they are enrolled in summer school, summer sports camps, tournaments, or other activities that may interfere with driving. If you become aware of a conflict after your child has been scheduled to drive, you will be responsible for trading driving dates with another driver.

MIS 161—CLASSROOM  1/4 credit; Prerequisites:  None        Grades 9-12
The 30-hour classroom portion stresses traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, effects of alcohol/drugs, and a variety of topics to prepare the student to be a safe and confident driver.

MIS 162—DRIVING  1/4 credit; Prerequisites:  None        Grades 9-12
This portion prepares the student to handle a vehicle under a wide range of driving conditions including low and high density traffic conditions, residential and interstate driving, inclement weather, and emergency situations. The student will receive a minimum of six hours of driving and six hours of observation.*

If you have major conflicts during the summer, you may wish to reconsider taking Driver's Education. Every effort will be made to accommodate your student, but registrants should be aware that we may be unable to guarantee all requests.

Summer Reading Assignments

The purpose of summer requirements in AP/Advanced courses:

  • Pre-read on substantive issues to be better prepared for academic work in the fall.
  • Maintain and sharpen reading comprehension and writing skills over the summer to prevent students from losing ground as effective readers and writers.

Advanced English I
Advanced English II
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
AP Calculus AB – Part 1
AP Calculus AB – Part 2
AP Chemistry
AP U.S. History
AP World History
AP German Language
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Literature